Uber, why can't you all just behave? What did you do now?

Visa shaolin
Dec 3


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  • Proofpoint / Engfoodtruckj
    'ex uber employees'

    They are just digging more dirt on what happen 3 years ago.
    Dec 30
  • If my boss asked me to build anything they talk about in this article I'd tell him to go fuck himself.

    Why didn't these people?
    Dec 35
    • Uber WSH721
      Because most of these folks are “yes men and women” that formerly worked in the IC at places like the CIA, DIA and DOD.
      Dec 3
    • Uber WSH721
      Yessir. Two worked at the CIA, one was at NCIS and the other came from FB.
      Dec 3
    • Uber konatbone
      fbi? not fb
      Dec 3
    • Microsoft / EngTier 1
      Uber really does seem like it operates as a three letter agency.

      I think it’s kinda cool.
      Dec 3
    • KPMG qtAi02
      Uber is going after Amazon’s business upside down ... it’s massive upside
      Dec 4
  • Uber / Engbjigdcb
    They are clearly retaliating vindictively. I would take everything under such circumstances with a grain of salt.
    Dec 30
  • Townsquare Media OfficeSlut
    They built it now they want to complain? Fuck outta here. You made the bed, sleep in it.
    Dec 30
  • Dropbox drl/food
    Cancerous company.
    Dec 30
  • VMware BobbleHat
    They allege secret capabilities in the app. Lol. Maybe it has hovercraft mode, where you can order cars from the future!
    Dec 30

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