Uber’s IPO caps an era of mediocrity and small thinking in Silicon Valley

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May 12 10 Comments

Uber debuted below its IPO price on Friday and ended up down more than 7%, crawling across the finish line with a valuation below $80 billion.

That’s a far cry from the $120 billion that was floated as recently as December. Founders and early investors will still going to get spectacularly rich, but late-comers and retail investors may find there’s not much upside left unless the company can solve the quandary of serving a two-sided market profitably.



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  • New / Design Yesterday-
    Lol I bought some stock because it was hella cheap.
    May 12 4
    • Google anons2
      How do you measure "cheap"?
      May 12
    • Juniper Pliny Jr
      Don't question his reasons. You'll stress him out. He likes the logo and his mom uses it. That's reason enough for him.
      May 12
    • New / Design Yesterday-
      So stressed. $45 bucks a share is cheap compared to what was projected. So why not buy it with cash I won’t miss?

      But hey it’s whatever.
      May 12
    • Juniper Pliny Jr
      Uber stock $37 today. This will eventually hit the twenties when the drivers leave for shit pay. They will affect revenue on earnings calls and get further slammed.
      May 13
  • New AsYK38
    That's what happens when you fire the founder.
    May 12 2
    • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
      Naw dude a bunch of business school minted bean counters are what every business needs. Because every business needs to fit some organizational mold as dictated by the fanciest academic paper
      May 12
    • LinkedIn cd-
      That’s what happens when you didn’t detect the toxic founder and fire him or her fast enough.

      Tesla is in a similar situation.
      May 12
  • Facebook public2
    Yep, and?
    May 12 0
  • Tableau / Eng

    Tableau Eng

    You mean FAAUNG might not happen? 😱
    May 13 0


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