Uber’s future = GoPro, FitBit , hortonworks, cloudera

PayPal / Eng Ldyu87
Sep 26 14 Comments

Now that hype is all gone, when they face reality. All they do is to lay off people. some might say that facebook had to face the same stock performance like what uber is facing right now after the IPO. But facebook atleast didnt lay off people, made clever acquistions like instagram, whatsapp and finally made good financial results. Not sure if uber is going to make the same come back again.

Burning cash by giving huge cash discounts in the mindset that eventually we will figure out ways to become profitable will never be sustainable in the long run.

same shit is going to happen to doordash, postmates when they face the real waters.


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  • New お金
    Ok PayPal
    Sep 26 0
  • Amazon SmartMoFo
    I'm so happy about Uber/Lyft failure
    Sep 26 1
    • Thumbtack Zuck@FB
      likely you will be disappointed soon. Many friends are starting to invest in them
      Sep 27
  • TD / Eng Mark__
    Uber drivers make less then minimum wage
    Sep 26 0
  • New pKHA68
    In SF they make over $50 per hour toggling Lyft/Uber. Source: actually spoke with my driver once.
    Sep 26 3
    • TD / Eng Mark__
      Not true.
      Sep 26
    • New pKHA68
      Well maybe the guy was full of shit but he claimed to be making $700 a day working 16 hours.
      Sep 26
    • Google LyLs67
      Uber drivers don't want to appear as losers to clients so they just say the good parts.
      Sep 26
  • Pandora / Eng joystick
    Uber’s future: merger with We.
    Sep 27 0
  • Google BogoScript
    Please no. I like Uber.
    Sep 26 0
  • eBay / Eng

    eBay Eng

    Uber is different than Fitbit, GoPro. They have good product and people are actually using it,

    Not only Uber every ride sharing companies are loosing money, if it's not Uber then someone else will try to cover this space,
    Sep 26 1
    • Google LyLs67
      Fitbit and GoPro are also good and used products. Don't confuse product quality with monetizability.
      Sep 26
  • Salesforce risingup
    PayPal lays off employees like candy. So stfu. I really hope Uber succeeds.
    Sep 26 0
  • New NgTu21
    May as well add PayPal to your list. Square, Stripe, et al are eating your lunch.
    Sep 26 0


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