Udacity Nanodegrees

CEMEX / Eng gino
Feb 9 12 Comments

Hi there,

Has anyone done a nanodegree in udacity?
Which do you consider the best?
Was considering doing the front end degree but many reviews say they are crap?


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  • Facebook Joatx
    Did the AI nanodegree and that was pretty good. Their deep learning nanodegree is also really good. The one on NLP is crap.
    Feb 9 11
    • Facebook Joatx
      Yeah, my math is simple. I usually value my time at $60 after tax money (that's not what I earn, mind you. It's just an internal value I have assigned). Usually I am happy to pay $60 if something will save me 60 mins.

      At $800, I reckon the nanodegree saved me wayyy more than 14 hours of "searching for the right content and figuring out the bugs in other people's free tutorials" time.
      Feb 9
    • CEMEX / Eng gino
      Feb 9
    • CEMEX / Eng gino
      Would you mind giving me your contact so I can get advice from you about swe stuff from time to time. Promise wont be a bother
      Feb 9
    • Facebook Joatx
      Sure DM me
      Feb 11
    • Google bestz
      Does the nanodrgree help you in work?
      Apr 1


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