Undergrad getting into data science. Please judge me, criticize me, give me advice!

GroupM grace123
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In May I graduate with a Bachlors of Business in Business Analytics from a mediocre University.

I feel very scared. Its taken me a while to figure things out and now I feel like I’ve set myself on the wrong trajectory and I need to correct my path.

I really liked stats, linear algebra, data mining and predictive analytics classes and Ive gotten really good with R. Im trying to get into a data science position.

I’ve accidentally sent myself down the scary path that is media having had multiple internships with big names in media purchasing and selling.

Im looking at full time positions in the data science realm but I feel somewhat unqualified for the job listings I’m seeing. So many positions require previous experience in the feild or a graduate degree. I also feel like I need to pick up more CS skills and learn a lot more about database architecture.

My current plan is to use the next 8 months to widen my knowlegebase (with datacamp and coursera courses) get really good at python, do more competitons, and try to get a challenging spring and summer internship (potentially delaying graduation by a semester) whislt still applying to full time positions that I’m intrested in. Then hopefully going to grad school within the next two years.

Please judge me!
How scared should I be, whats the job market like?
Is my plan realistic?
Does one need a grad degree to get a decent job in data science?
How can I adreess my irrelevant internships to potential employers, should I take them off my resume?
What are the most useful skills and concepts I should learn?
Anyone trying to hire an intern for the Winter/Spring/Summer?


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  • Roku cruella
    You are already ahead of the curve by just this display of humility and willingness to learn!
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  • Google Isomorph
    Coincidentally noticed this neighboring thread...
    Path for Data Scientist (Tech Careers)
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  • New / R&D

    New R&D

    Dcipher Analytics
    phd student at one of the top25 cs departments
    Data science does not require grad degree but there are many layers in data science. There are some people who does reporting, some does model implementation, some does research.

    Just choose one and rethink after that
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