Underpaid PhD researcher

Mar 30 12 Comments

10 years after PhD (EE +CS) in US, late 30, and 15 yoe. My TC is less than 170k ( base <160k bonus <10k no RSU) working in Palo Alto. I got job offer with O visa last year and moved from EU with my wife hoping I build my career here.

It seems that I only have 2% salary increase this year with less than 1 month bonus award even though i got a pretty good performance review (was told one of the top performers).

Given all posts abt TC here I feel something serioisly wrong for me or my company. I start to feel taken advantage since i work on Visa. Should seriously prepare to move on? or how abt PhD researchers in other research labs?


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  • Apple RcvW67
    You are definitely underpaid. First of all, if you are eligible for O1 visa you can definitely get a green card using one of EB1-2 categories. It can be self petitioned. Do it yourself and do it soon. Having a green card and not depending on employer puts you in a much better position. Plus, search for jobs elsewhere. Don’t look at this as a waste of career. You are now in a better position to negotiate for a better offer and earn much more. Just don’t let your employer find out...
    Mar 30 1
    • Microsoft alohaaa
      Get Victoria Chen firm to file eb1 for you. Make sure you get the premium processing.
      Mar 30
  • Google Hhxr54
    Consider it as a post doc. Publish well, then find a good opportunity elsewhere.
    Mar 30 0
  • New / Ops

    New Ops

    Rakuten USA
    Humanities PhD here. Count your TC blessings ;)
    Mar 30 1
  • Time to hop
    Mar 30 0
  • Okta doll$h
    Is Parc still a cool place to work? I know people who have worked there for 2-3 years for the name and maybe research and bounced off. Making bank now
    Mar 30 0
  • Uber


    Apple, Microsoft
    You are underpaid, and FAANG will likely do whatever it takes for your visa to go through, if you pass their interviews with good ratings.

    Your target should be 400+ but could achieve 600 probably.
    Mar 30 0
  • Synopsys relaxpeeps
    U r not alone. It is the harsh reality. I motivate myself by learning and engaging in extracurricular activities.
    Mar 30 0
  • What is your research Specialization? Some firms in the Bay area pay pretty good for r&d, my buddy makes a butt load.
    Mar 30 1
    • PARC / R&D WHtK00
      ML + data analytics + IoT
      Mar 30
  • Amazon Cynimist
    PARC is notorious for this BTW, as is SRI. Pretty easy to move over to big tech from these places for big comp step up.
    Mar 30 0


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