Undervalued Apple offer

Nvidia keneh824
Jun 27 16 Comments

Interviewed with Apple last week and they want to make to make me an offer.

The recruiter said they want to hire me, but an for ICT3 position.

I feel that this is a bit low for my skill set, I have 5 years of relevant YoE.

Is this an accurate level or am I expecting too much?


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TOP 16 Comments
  • Netflix mr.clippy
    No. It’s an accurate placement. Kids these days wanna be director at 8 YOE. 🤦‍♂️
    Jun 27 5
    • Uber loaaa
      I'm a director with 6 yoe. You are not? It's easy at Uber, everyone is
      Jun 27
    • Netflix mr.clippy
      Nope. I’m a loser with “senior software engineer”. Everyone at this company is. Total losers.
      Jun 27
    • Uber loaaa
      That's serious bad you shuld consider career at Albertsons
      Jun 27
    • Apple PlBV44
      Uber, Microsoft, Nvidia etc have title inflation
      Jun 28
    • PayPal NotBillRdy
      Thanks Netflix, for reminding me that there’s still some truth on Blind (even if it’s hidden behind a curtain of sarcasm)
      Jun 28
  • PayPal 🔔🔔69
    “Make me and office”

    Sounds like you’re expecting too much.
    Jun 27 1
    • Nvidia keneh824
      Lol fixed it 😅
      Jun 27
  • Nvidia nv?
    This is standard apple. Its infact better to join at ict3. Usually if you are good they will promote you to ic4 within a year
    Jun 27 1
    • Netflix mr.clippy
      Definitely better. There’s a lot of ICT4s. Good ones. With lots of experience. It’s a huge band. 5 YOE just isn’t going to cut it. Better to excel at ICT3 and get promoted.
      Jun 27
  • Cruise Automation prowmflw
    5 YoE in nvidia? They probably value that at 50%.

    YoE isn’t everything. How was your interview performance? Regardless ICT3 isn’t bad at Apple.
    Jun 27 0
  • Apple


    Google, Netflix
    A phd with 5 yoe joined as ict3. Go figure
    Jun 28 0
  • Marvell elkdead
    What team and role?
    Jun 27 1
  • Pandora MB3132
    Offer details?
    Jun 27 0
  • Apple powerlines
    What makes you think 5 yoe lands ict4?
    Post the numbers when you get it
    Jun 27 0