Unemployment after quitting?

Taylor Farms azerty_
Sep 11 13 Comments

My boss and I don’t get along too well. I think if I don’t quit very soon on my own I will probably get fired.

I am curious if I quit and give myself peace to figure out my next step, or join a coding bootcamp, while still applying for jobs, will I be eligible for unemployment?

I know there is a rule that if you have a valid reason for quitting, they may honor that.

Does anyone know the rules here?

I am a green card holder.


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  • Bloomberg SoupSlayer
    You get nada if you leave on your own. Us has a twisted system where your ex employer has to approve your unemployment claims. You take them to court otherwise. One of the prerequirements for unemployment is to get fired on mutual agreed terms. They agree to terms if you can prove a case on your way out, so you better start documenting fault play.
    Sep 11 10
    • Bloomberg SoupSlayer
      From what I understand he's looking to terminate the naturalization process on the self sustaince clause. His shit doesn't go retroactive and it's still up in the air how much of the benefits are denied for persons like us. Unemployment where I live is 150$/week. NOT WORTH IT! You could also quit and not claim anything.
      Sep 11
    • Taylor Farms azerty_
      Yeah you are right. Actually my collection was early this year but for retrospective period last year.
      I think i’ll quit and call it a day.

      What does that law mean? I am not familiar with naturalization on that clause?

      Are you familiar with any other new laws that will make naturalization harder?
      Sep 11
    • Taylor Farms azerty_
      Oh wow.
      In that case, i wonder if immigrants will be charged less taxes? :)
      Sep 11
    • Bloomberg SoupSlayer
      Well I think their idea is to fund social security and Medicare via perpetual h1bs and failed naturalizations.. I mean you pay in the system and you are allowed to collect either after 10 years or after becoming a citizen. Anything else and you loose the payments...
      Sep 11
  • Oracle OlJs40
    just underperform and dont do anything. get him to fire you. then get your unemployment.
    Sep 13 0
  • Cisco 7oclock
    If you leave voluntarily, you don't get unemployment

    You could potentially negotiate a severance if they really really want to be rid of you but those usually amount to bonus payment for leaving early and no unemployment.

    If you are fired for cause (malfeasance or negligence in CA) you will not get unemployment either but the standards for those are high and the burden of proof is in the employer to prove it, not on you to prove you didn't do anything wrong.

    If you are fired for any other reason, including "we are unhappy with your performance" you still qualify for unemployment.

    Once you file for unemployment, you have to periodically demonstrate you are applying for positions and are not in education or training.
    Sep 11 0