Unemployment: starting the job and accidentally forgetting to notify EDD

New EFca40
Apr 19 10 Comments

1. What would happen if you start getting unemployment and once you get a job, you casually forget to report that for a few months?
2. Many people don’t claim their unemployment benefits, what happens to that money?

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  • Deloitte bananafone
    You need to notify your state UI fund immediately and pay back the overage. Since this is reported automatically, you will be caught, and if they have to track you down you will pay back not just the fraudulently claimed UI (and let’s not mince words, this is UI fraud, a felony), but often severe financial and sometimes criminal penalties as well.
    Apr 190
  • Amazon DeepObsess
    They know the minute you get paid. Companies are required to report their payroll. Just honestly report your employment status.
    Apr 193
    • New EFca40
      That makes sense. Have you ever wondered about the second question?
      So company creates an unemployment “fund” for each employee. Then it stays with EDD. Employee gets laid off. Not claiming the benefits...where does it go?
      Apr 19
    • Amazon DeepObsess
      Most taxes go into the pockets of politicians and their friends
      Apr 19
    • Deloitte bananafone
      The state manages UI funds. Companies pay into it and that’s the end of their obligation, although the more ppl claim from them, the more they pay. Unused funds get rolled into an invested fund which pays out UI in the event of mass unemployment I.e. receipts are less than expenditures.
      Apr 19
  • Yahoo f3ji4f
    I'm surprised you could afford a phone with that TC!
    Apr 191
    • New EFca40
      Still paying for it, phones are overpriced 😂
      Apr 19
  • Sephora ByFeliCa
    They will find out they send notices out to your new/old company, via your good old SSN, so they will catch you, good luck with the IRS. Your other question, I am assuming you live in CA, you are deducted SDI taxes from your paycheck which fund UI, Paid Family Leave, and disability benefits.
    Apr 240
  • Microsoft €£dz3@"&5s
    How much was the unemployment benefit amount per month?
    Apr 281

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