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Amazon / Ops dfer
Sep 16 9 Comments

I have been following blind for quite a while now and I think I can get valuable information out here.

I will graduate next may, in my early 20's. I have an offer from Amazon ( 112k base, 1st yr 36k, 2nd yr 22k, 80k Rsu, 6.8 relo) in Austin, Tx. I am happy with the offer. I have no prior experience other than summer internship at Amazon.

I want to start my carrier at a startup where I can learn more, take on more responsibility faster. I am willing to take a low offer for a startup with stable management/team, which can withstand recession and can sponsor me. I am open to relocating anywhere.

I have hard time filtering companies and ask for your inputs for where should I apply and if someone could refer me that would be swell.

Thank you.


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  • Schonfeld / Eng

    Schonfeld Eng

    Intel, morganstanley, citadel, etrade
    coding monkey
    Depends upon what stage of the startup is at. For stealth mode ones, very few will hire fresh grads w/ zero or very little experience.
    Sep 16 2
    • Amazon / Ops dfer
      I can at least try. What about pre IPO stage startups? Would be great if you could provide some names for which you know that there is solid management.
      Sep 16
    • Oracle / Eng sweEng
      Sparkcognition and skylabs ( skylabs came from sparkcognition infact). Both are doing great!!!
      Sep 22
  • RhythmOne / Eng BeerGod
    Wait, you want to work for a startup to get the startup experience, but you don't want that startup to act anything like a startup?
    Sep 16 4
    • Amazon / Ops dfer
      Sep 16
    • RhythmOne / Eng BeerGod
      You want a "stable startup". In my (25 years of) experience, such a thing rarely exists.
      Sep 16
    • Amazon / Ops dfer
      By stable startup I meant with a good exec team which has proper direction. Not the ones which have to close shops due to lack of finding.
      Sep 16
    • RhythmOne / Eng BeerGod
      Execs get stupid when they start a new company. I've seen seasoned, stable executive teams melt the fuck down more times than not when founding startups.
      Sep 16
  • Amazon / Eng BHGHEUJSH
    Try Compass
    Sep 16 0