Unity SF Ads Monetization

Intuit bigfangs
May 23 5 Comments

How is the team doing? What are your complaints? What are your beliefs? I have completed my on-site and looking to receive an offer soon.

I have heard about explosive growth in the last 2 years, politics seem to exist outside of the team, and the perks seem standard.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Unity / Data
    Mr. Bate

    Unity Data

    Mr. Batemore
    The growth is real and both the company and the team are doing very well. On the personal level though, you'll be underpaid and used as a pawn in political battles.

    Base salaries are low. Stocks are a joke. Bonuses are an insult.
    May 24 0
  • Unity disunity
    Don't do it.
    May 24 2
  • Unity grassyass
    Don’t join, everything here is extremely political and you’ll be pretty underpaid. Options aren’t really worth much either
    May 24 0