Univ Hire: training and rampup process

Microsoft zing!
Jun 11 1 Comment

Hey.. I was wondering how any of you as a univ hire got your training on your team. Were you given a overview by your manager? Or a dedicated buddy/mentor? Or bunch of people from the team who deal with specific things? Or you had a one-note/wiki/boot camp videos to get ramped up?
I guess it would be a combo of several options above but I wanted to know which one played the dominant part.
I kinda am facing issues that I were given tasks of which I had no business knowledge about. I kinda went running to people and everyone was kinda saying IDK just read the code. I tried debugging etc but I feel it's not a right way of doing.


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  • Microsoft atomo
    Hm, this is definitely not the nicest. However, debugging IS pretty much the best way to learn architecture in most teams. Some explanation night help with trade off analysis and some component overview. That being said, if you are concerned just bring it up on your one on one with managers and mentors, or someone you gain confidence with.
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