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Google wfRv62
May 18 10 Comments

I am in bay area, and I got an offer from a start-up. They only offer law-abiding maternity leave, that is 12 week unpaid (please correct me if I am wrong). I plan to have kids, hopefully at my next job.

Not consider maternity leave, the package is somewhat good. I do believe the company has a future, and the team sounds good. But I am not sure if it's a good idea to join consider the unpaid maternity leave. Am I right?

Also, just in bay area, does things like maternity leave likely tie together with a company's policy about woman? Like I can expect less support in general.


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  • eBay / Other ebabe
    Negotiate a raise at google to stay. Tell your boss that you’ll have an income drop soon but you’d prefer to stay than to interview and leave.

    Google will be a better place to stay to start your family. Startups will demand more of your time, have less compassion, and you’ll be competing more against others who can work crazy hours. Your priorities will change once you have a kid, I’ve seen it.
    May 19 2
    • Google Mr. Glass
      This is what leads to the rise of rest-and-vest chums who lead to the downfall of G.
      May 19
    • eBay / Other ebabe
      There’s plenty of big companies with good wlb, it’s nice that google is one now too. If you want the move fast small company pace you’re in the wrong company.
      May 19
  • Amazon yacht 🛥
    Don’t join startup with maternity coming up, I think you would want to spend more time with your little miracle. Google has pretty decent maternity coverage, so why not stay there?
    May 18 1
    • Google wfRv62
      There's still maybe three years left. But I don't want to join somewhere, knowing that I will leave in three years. My Google sign on will run out and I’d expect there is income drop also, within three years.
      May 18
  • VMware / Strategy

    VMware Strategy

    I’d stay with G in your case :)
    May 18 0
  • Western Digital BrienneTFT
    After the baby is born, you get 6 weeks of disability (8 weeks for c section). That part doesn't depend on the employers since it's from the CA state (some employers might pay you on top of what the state pays though). After that there's something called a bonding leave which is 6 weeks paid and 6 weeks unpaid. You might have to be a full time employee for your current company for at least a year to be eligible for that paid part. The company should also have at least like 50 employees or something . All of that is job protected though.
    May 18 2
    • Western Digital BrienneTFT
      You get 4 weeks before the due date regardless of your employer. Also the paid part is partially paid everywhere
      May 18
    • Google wfRv62
      Thanks for the info. :)
      May 18
  • Amazon fKhc35
    You can use CA STD.
    May 18 0


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