Unsustainable industry growth?

Leidos lfeY53
Feb 10

Right now SWEs are paid highly.. is that sustainable for FAANG? If competition gets tighter and margins get smaller, won't SWE salaries be one of the first costs to be dropped?


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  • New ussI58
    Software devs could get cut first if recession hits. My guess is recession hits the global economy by Q4 or early next year. I think companies like capital one are over hiring software devs and I don’t think they are getting back their investment.
    Feb 103
    • Uber
      TC || 👉


      TC || 👉more
      Nostradamus reborn!
      Feb 10
    • Google / EngMr Glass
      False. Only schmucks feel confident in their doomsday recession forecasts. If you could really time the market you'd be a billionaire
      Feb 10
    • New ussI58
      There are many events that could trigger recession soon. For example, No deal Brexit, tariffs, rate hikes could trigger recession.
      Feb 11
  • Depends on housing
    Feb 101
  • Half of the compensation is from stocks. If stock not performing well, defined will impact the take home pay. It will happen during recessions.
    Feb 100
  • Apple


    Someone who thinks that if you fill out a profile in detail it is hardly blind.
    Software people get paid a lot for three reasons: 1. There aren’t enough of them. 2. They are critical for producing the things companies sell. 3. The incoming numbers is growing slower than the increasing need. Factor in that there is essentially zero marginal cost to making more software. The factors that you describe would make it more important to pay for good software people. On the other hand, a zillion more H1Bs would put downward pressure on salaries
    Feb 100
  • VMware UWXW83
    Yes, and when recession hits, time to buy stocks on sale. Most software devs working last 10 - 15 years are coasting right now anyways.
    Feb 100
  • New DuQvV7x
    Of course not.

    We are where skilled labor, auto workers, defense contractors etc. used to be.

    Doesn’t mean it won’t last decades, but eventually (if you live long enough) new winners emerge.
    Feb 100

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