Upcoming Splunk onsite interview

Cisco mear
Jun 18 3 Comments

I have an onsite interview coming up soon. This is for a backend c++ role.

Any idea on how the interview rounds would be and what to expect(Leetcode, multi-threading, oops design, c++ specific questions etc)?

Thanks in advance


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Cisco mear
    Could someone please provide valuable inputs on this thread?
    Jun 19 2
    • Splunk f83hh
      depends on the interviewer, but the short answer is "yes, all of that". the more important part is whether you can talk about why you're doing it this way, and answer questions about moving to more advanced solutions. in other words, do you know what you're talking about.
      Jun 20
    • Splunk f83hh
      it's also very important to be able to explain your current and past projects in depth. did you just do things, or understand why you were doing things?
      Jun 20