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Hi I have an upcoming interview for a business development / product partnerhships role with Uber. Another one with a SaaS software company in productivity. Anyone willing to give advice on how to answer the question: How would you think through partnering with X company? For example, how would you partner with Microsoft.


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    Its about creating a winning value for both sides. You need to have clear goals on what you want and also what you have to offer to Microsoft. Is there something that your Software offers that Microsoft might need?

    I would create a pitch for MsFT that shows what are the core features in the product that should wow someone. Then go to use cases and segments and show case studies examples of customers using your software. You should also preview new features currently under way so that your potential partner (msft) realizes that you are continuing to improve your product and consequently customer experience.

    Once you are done with this, you need to connect the dots on why Partnership with msft is needed. Is it to add synergy to their existing portfolio of products? Is it because of their expertise in enterprise? Is it because your customers are asking for a bundled solution with a msft product? Find these reasons.

    Finally show them the money. Show the potential economics and have a clear ask. Be willing to give some things and be confident on what you want.

    Thats what I would try to do...

    Best of luck!
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