Upgrade to PP before responding to RFE?

Google wonder4

Applied for H1B transfer and got receipt beginning of this month. Checked online and saw that I got RFE on 3/6, but don't know the specific reason yet since it's coming in the mail.

Now that premium processing has been resumed, can I ask the law firm to request for PP now before we officially receive the actual RFE in the mail? Or have to wait until RFE and submit request for PP together with RFE Response?

The thing I'm concerned about is PP going away again before lawyer gets to submit RFE response (if submitting RFE and PP together is the only option)...

Also, I heard that with PP you get RFE via email, vs without PP you get RFE via mail. Thus if I can upgrade to PP asap then maybe I'll be able to get the RFE via email before the mail arrives?


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  • Google KissMyPiss
    If you PP goes away that sounds bad.
  • New vst
    Your attorney would know better, but in either case it's better to upgrade. At least you have the 15 days guarantee for a response.

    Mind asking your profile? I'm concerned that someone from Google got a RFE
    • Google wonder4
      What I'm afraid of is that PP will be gone before I get to upgrade (if I can only upgrade along with my RFE response, which typically takes a while to get ready).

      Currently on product team (not PM), transferring to a smaller company as a PM
  • Amazon Fl!p
    It wouldn’t make sense for your lawyers to file for Premium Processing before they file the response to the RFE. There is literally nothing that the USCIS can do prior to you responding to RFE, as there is nothing for them to process. In that regard, you have spent the money without enjoying the benefit.
    That said, it appears you are more concerned about the possibility of premium processing going away. Is there any reason you believe this might be suspended again soon, or at least prior to your lawyers sending in your RFE response?
    • Google wonder4
      Thanks for the info! When the announcement came out Monday I read many people on here were not optimistic about how long it'll last since my concern... Guess nothing I can do to change that now
  • Tesla vOBd41
    OP: do you still work at google? Where were you headed and what profile?
    • Google wonder4
      Yes currently at Google. Heading to a smaller company. Did consulting for a few years, then Google (tech but not PM or SWE) for a few years
  • Microsoft oiu007
    You can. I’m in the same situation and my attorney upgraded to PP. now they are working on RFE response.
  • Microsoft TonyShark
    Your upgrade request should have rfe response .. read the latest news ‘h1b opened for all’ on uscis

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