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New / Product chickpea
Sep 15 12 Comments

I’m looking for product management roles at companies that are doing truly good things for the world. Anyone know of anything in new york?


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  • New xlkE73
    Hooli. Let's make the world a better place.
    Sep 15 1
  • Microsoft codecov
    Charity Water
    Sep 15 3
  • New erinn
    Not for a job but if you want to contribute to the world check out - I’m sure they would be able to help connect you with people/companies doing good things
    Sep 15 1
    • New / Product chickpea
      Sweet. Thank you
      Sep 15
  • Apple winepix
    You seem to be a good person. Any interest in non-profit?
    Sep 15 1
    • New / Product chickpea
      Yes, I would consider a non-profit.
      Sep 16
  • T-Mobile / Eng QT34
    No such thing. #anprimsquad
    Sep 15 0
  • Tyler Technologies

    Tyler Technologies

    My company has a lot of options. I don’t work for Tyler technologies, i work for a startup that was acquired. We are very remote friendly and have a product that serves and culture that values using technology to serve the public. PM me if you want more details
    Sep 15 0