Usual daily work schedule at Microsoft?

Boeing ayoj796
Apr 7 12 Comments

I will be joining MS next month and was wondering what an example of a daily work schedule is. Is it 9 to 5 or something similar?

I'll be in the dynamics365 org if it makes any difference.


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  • Microsoft 80-20
    Come in at 10:30am, grab your coffee. 11:00am check email and chat with teammates about what movie you watched on Netflix. 12:00pm lunch until 1:30pm. Check email again, then catch up on daily news and social media feeds. 3pm, time to get afternoon coffee and snack. 3:30 check up on teammates. 4:00 check email again. 4:30pm go home to avoid rush hour.
    Apr 7 4
    • Microsoft wallak
      Why do you work so hard. Sounds toxic competitiveness to your team members.
      Apr 7
    • Microsoft 80-20
      I know right, have to cut down on my email checking.
      Apr 7
    • Microsoft
      Tier 1


      #1 in Prestige
      Tier 1more
      Can confirm but 430 is a bit late to be leaving
      Apr 7
    • Microsoft 80-20
      Sounds good, I’ll leave at 4pm and only check email twice a day instead.
      Apr 8
  • Microsoft wallak
    10-4. If you want to rock it.
    Apr 7 0
  • Microsoft jcdjk
    Well it really depends on you what hours you want to work. Nobody is going to tell you to come to work at certain time or leave at certain time.
    If you just want to cruise through year after year, you can do that with average pay for a few years. you don't meet the expectations, they'll just pip you out.
    Now how much time you need to get the job done is totally up to you. Some ppl can finish up things in 3 hrs. Others need more than 18.
    But typically for an average person, you don't really need to put in long hours. Wlb is pretty good.
    Apr 7 0
  • Microsoft DRrd70
    My schedule at Azure: come in 9.30am,leave by 6.30-7pm
    Apr 7 1
  • Microsoft / Product

    Microsoft Product

    Bain & Company
    Apr 7 1
    • Boeing ayoj796
      Yup I'm joining with 1.5yrs experience
      Apr 7
  • Google UkHq61
    Depends a lot on the team and how much are you willing to commit.

    I've seen people who do 10:30 am (right at the scrum time) - 5 pm, others who do 7 am - midnight and weekends, even within the same team.

    In general its pretty easy to chill out if you choose to, unless you're in a bad on-call team kind of situation.
    Apr 7 0