VMware commute from North San Jose

New KBEl33
Aug 9 5 Comments

Joining VMware next week in Palo Alto campus. I'll be traveling from North San Jose. I don't know to drive a car so don't have one. I use to commute via VTA to my previous workplace.

I looked up public transport and it looks horrible to change VTA, Caltrain and some shuttle takes over 1hr 30 mins. I haven't used scoop till now. Is it easier to commute via scoop until I learn/buy a car, which might take around a few months?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Google blind!?
    Yes or Waze carpool
    Aug 9 0
  • VMware vmware_123
    I know few people who scoop everyday from San Jose area. You'll be fine.
    Aug 9 1
  • Microsoft / Data Hitres
    You can use this code MOHAMED1ZR to get two free Scoop carpool credits.
    Aug 13 0
  • Juniper Pliny Jr
    Where in N SJ do you live?..
    Aug 11 0


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