VMware shuttle from east bay ?

Veritas try catch
Nov 5 8 Comments

how do people commute to palo alto VMware office from east bay ? Do they have shuttle ?


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  • Cisco RRTg67
    I wish. Anyone knows who to contact for new shuttle service?
    Nov 7 1
    • VMware @vmw2
      Source and Search ( use the internal portal, Source, and search there for commute).
      Nov 8
  • VMware / Eng Codeyard
    I have seen people using VanPool / RidePool / RideShare and VMware reimburse that
    Nov 8 0
  • So nany folks commute from east bay. Cant vmware have its own shuttle from east bay
    Nov 7 0
  • VMware @vmw2
    One hour commute is luxury in the Bay Area :(
    Nov 6 0
  • Cisco RRTg67
    I joined this week and yesterday I took dumbarton on way home. It was actually pretty good and on time. But you sit in the same traffic across the bridge just like anyone else. Just more stops before getting across the bridge. I got on bus at 5:42PM and got off at union city bart station at 7:11PM
    Nov 6 1
    • Isnt that a long comute? 1.5 hrs
      Nov 6
  • VMware MTBe82
    Try dum Barton express
    Nov 6 0


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