VP comp?

Taboola hqpgjwxs
May 5 9 Comments

What do average VPs make + bonus at finance cos working in middle/back office (non IB)?

TC: 100k


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  • Microsoft qflj45
    It seems like everyone in the finance industry is at least a VP. That title seems to be thrown around a lot.
    May 5 1
    • Google / Ops Huhf13
      That's why the comp is so low
      May 5
  • Hertz !XXX!
    You can use https://www.payscale.com . I would say a range between $220K and $250K. Depending on a lot of factors.
    May 5 0
  • Bank of America aiminghigh
    Lol, VP means nothing here. I’ve been a VP since the year after I was hired. I started high, over 100k, but I know plenty of VPs at 80k
    May 5 1
    • Amazon hyRe7
      Great for dating though
      May 5
  • New old?
    Unlike SWE folks (I believe 95% of the people on Blind), VP's get treaded like normal human beings. So it varies from one Company to another and there' no way to give you a number on that. It depends on the VP's Resume, professional accomplishments, what company, blablabla.

    TC will not be related nor impacted by the interview performance at all. Your interview = your career accomplishments.
    May 5 0
  • Chase / Product

    Chase Product

    The title is definitely super common, I'm a product manager "VP", TC should be over 200k this year, I would say look at the person's actual title not the bank officer title
    May 29 0
  • Apple


    VPs are low TC peons. Even a director title middle/back office is becoming common.
    May 5 0
  • Taboola hqpgjwxs
    👍👍 thanks for the feedback!!
    May 5 0