VP sent employees a bill

Qumulo Qucked
Apr 21 19 Comments

2 coworkers were hanging out with one of our VPs at a trade show. These are entry level employees making some of the lowest wages in the company.

A few weeks after they return one shows me an email from said VP billing them $100s of dollars for money the VP laid out for bottle service etc.

The employees are scared not to pay and while I don't have all the details this has to be one of the lowest class things I've ever seen at a company.

Anyone care to offer some advice I can pass along?


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  • VP trying to bully them into paying for the bottle service. He doesn’t want to face the shame from the finance department in misusing company funds, so tries to pass the buck onto them.

    Contact the finance department and ask for a clarification on who should pay for the bottle service.
    Apr 21 1
    • ^this. Contact the hr and finance department.
      Apr 22
  • Amazon .🦔...
    Those two were ladies?
    Apr 21 8
    • Oracle not_larry
      @google: Amazon didn’t assume anything, just asked a question.
      Apr 22
    • Amazon WhereYou
      @Google how brainwashed are you? He ASKED, which is the opposite of assumed.
      Apr 22
    • Apple EyePhoneX
      The gender police have arrived!
      Apr 22
    • Qumulo Qucked
      Two young gentleman. He's an equal opportunity douche, he sent bills to a few people, young ladies included. Even folks that didn't drink and he billed his own EA.
      Apr 22
    • Palo Alto Networks OlCI53
      Tell the VP to go fuck himself. Whatever company this is, it sucks ass. I’d look for a new job.
      May 1
  • Facebook pauperpapa
    Expense it! Then do it again! :D
    Apr 21 0
  • Amazon beepbeep b
    Reminds me of when my boss invited everyone out to dinner. I asked for two small apps, but he literally told the waitress to bring every sushi roll that had a picture. Bill came out to>$100 a person. What a douche.
    Apr 22 3
    • Amazon fcuked
      He didn’t cover the bill??? Team lunches are a legitimate expense that is allowed (obviously not 1500/oz caviar but you get my point)
      Apr 22
    • Amazon beepbeep b
      This was at a family-run start up on the weekend so totally voluntary to go. It's more the general principle of 'if you order the most food, you pay most of the bill'. I've had similar experiences with friends who order pitchers of sangria although everyone is fine with their own drunk and then expect everyone to share the bill. It's just rude.
      Apr 22
    • Pegasystems GeoffPesos
      These people exist. Not just if you order the most - this guy was your boss. Double faux pas.

      You can usually form a coup early on by defending others bills (Bob only got one app so he should pay this). Bob will decline, but others will naturally jump in to defend him. Eventually everyone who ordered less gets immunity.
      Apr 22
  • Quantcast tt8675309
    So typical company policy says the senior person pays and if this isnt a company sponsored event it should have been made clear to folks before they attended.

    Given that this likely didn't happen I think the VP would be fully accountable and it really comes down to whether or not they want to fight on principle as company policy would likely back them up.
    Apr 22 0
  • Tesla sgzP07
    Apr 21 0
  • Google SonOfCoul
    That’s a screwed up situation.
    Apr 22 0