VP/Senior Director of BD/Partnerships Compensation

Sep 20, 2017 12 Comments

Looking for comps for a VP/Senior Director of BD/Partnerships role that works mostly on enterprise deals. Would love comps from startups and large companies.

Currently at a Fortune 50, manage a team of 15 BD folks and pulling in 175K + 30% bonus. No quota.

Getting ready to look for something new and want to have an educated answer for "What are your salary expectations?"



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  • New / Mgmt

    New Mgmt

    I get things done.
    You're at low end of spectrum for Sr Director. I have seen 220K base,35%bonus,40% of base as RSUs for your level. BD is a risky role in my view as it's viewed as 'door opener' in exec circle and in constant conflict with sales and product groups. Try And land product role instead.
    Jan 30, 2018 2
    • OP
      Yeah, thatโ€™s one part of the job thatโ€™s not fun to deal with. What are the ranges for VP and Senior Director of Product? Thanks
      Jan 31, 2018
  • Aren't most VPs pulling down 1M+ per year?
    Sep 20, 2017 2
    • Groupon rahul
      No No No
      Sep 20, 2017
    • OP
      Ok, if that's the case, I'm totally out of the compensation loop.
      Sep 20, 2017
  • Amazon / Other
    Day 3

    Amazon Other

    Day 3more
    That's really low comp.
    Sep 20, 2017 0
  • Facebook public
    Something does sound right. How many years of experience? Is this one of those things where everyone is a vp in year two like in finance?
    Sep 20, 2017 0
  • Google / Product Maybe you
    Which company?
    Jul 15, 2018 0
  • LinkedIn blindinfo
    250k, 20% bonus and 200k in rsus
    Jan 30, 2018 0
  • Oracle RakT99
    Size of company and market you sell to matters too. - a lot.
    Sep 20, 2017 0
  • OP
    18 years of experience. 7 years at current gig. Promoted 3 times from Senior Manager to Director to Senior Director. VP promotion is expected end of the year. But really bored and itching for change.

    Would love to hear some numbers around base and bonus etc
    Sep 20, 2017 0