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Ever considered getting into VC early in your career? We’re recruiting at the investment analyst, associate, senior associate and principal level for a number of VCs in the Bay Area. AUM from $200M to $3B, spanning Enterprise and Consumer, from Series A focused to growth equity.

For junior roles, no need for VC experience, but structured training required (FANG APM/PM or BizOps, MBB consulting, investment banking, etc.). For more senior roles 1+ yr VC experience mandatory.

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  • New SjKX55
    LOL. VC is not worth it unless you become a partner with a real stake in the returns and making investment decision. Otherwise, you're just sourcing deals, doing grunt work for the partners hoping for a piece of the pie.
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  • Oracle huluis🎉
    PMed you
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  • New noVC
    No I haven’t! Thank you, next.
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