Verizon media APM

New lalalla
Nov 4 3 Comments

Anyone here who has gotten an interview with Verizon media for the APM program? Could you provide details about your interview experience? Thanks in advance!


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  • Adobe dobeman
    I got to on-sites but rejected because their timeline was moving too slow and I had other offers I was more interested in. Two telephone screens up to that point, both of which consisted of: resume walk (10 min or less), "let's re-design this thing" (service, experience, or otherwise, product thinking question, 35 mins or so), then a few mins for you to ask questions. Hope that helps.
    Nov 4 2
    • New lalalla
      Wow thank you! Do you mind if I DM you and ask some more details?
      Nov 4
    • Adobe dobeman
      Sure, pretty busy til this evening but I can try to get to your questions then.
      Nov 4


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