Video interview at Starbucks/ Coffee shop?

Express VECO
Apr 4 5 Comments

I was interviewing for a company in Central Time zone and I'm in the East. I had a video interview at 5:30pm my time & couldn't get out of work on time. The drive back home is usually 20 mins and with less than 15 minutes left I drove to the nearest Starbucks.
It was actually a good interview experience . I had wireless headphones on so not a lot of disturbance and the internet was awesome.
1. Have you ever attended a video interview in a public area like a cafe ?
2. As a hiring manager would you think it's in appropriate or you don't care as long as it is legit?



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  • Oscar 🐨koala
    I interviewed a candidate who did it from starbuck. The background was noisy. The internet was unstable. Neither side could hear each other. I’d rather have my LTE on and just sit in my car than actually doing from a coffee shop. But that’s just me.
    Apr 4 0
  • I took interviews from home, from my car with hotspot internet, and from one of my employers conference room. I also once did it from a wework phone booth and the interviewer directly recognized it and we joked about it
    Apr 4 0
  • Microsoft Cogito$
    As a hiring manager, I wouldn’t care where you did the interview from. I think it’s good you didn’t use your current employer’s facilities for potential personal gain.
    Apr 4 0
  • Wells Fargo hsLy13
    Just curious, you should have booked a conference room in your office and taken the call right?
    After 5.30 most of the ppl might have been already left so you will not have any disturbances..
    Apr 4 0
  • Salesforce poketo
    Don't make a thing of it, show that you are human and just explain in one sentence and move on to the interview
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