Visa Inc. job levels and seniority

Maersk deepb
Nov 13 8 Comments

I’m about interview with Visa inc. for job level i7. Can someone clarify the seniority level of i7. Is it entry level mid-management or more senior? Thanks
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  • Visa / Eng kjzO64
    It is equivalent to Director which is a 2nd level manager at Visa.
    Nov 13 3
    • Maersk LuckyBaba
      Thanks @kjzO64. So, it is Manager then Director. What about Sr. Manager level?
      Nov 13
    • Visa / Eng kjzO64
      The senior manager title doesn’t exist at Visa.

      It essentially got skipped.
      Nov 14
    • Visa / Eng wlsod
      I am currently a Staff Engineer (i6), looking to change role into management (manager i6). How much raise can I negotiate?.
      Nov 19
  • Visa itsRandom
    Director -> Sr Dir -> VP -> SVP
    Sr staff -> chief engineer
    Nov 15 1
    • Visa / Eng skdnc
      Chief -> Distinguish Engineer
      Nov 16
  • Visa itsRandom
    I7 is Sr.staff engineer (individual contributor) or a director(peoples manager). In most orgs it is just first level manager role with little extra pay than i6 (staff engineer or manager)
    Nov 14 0
  • Maersk LuckyBaba
    Thanks both. What titles and levels come after i7? If you can list next 3-4 levels and titles then that’ll be great.
    Nov 15 0


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