Visa stamping for H1b visa before Oct 1

Commvault alpha_wolf
Apr 22 8 Comments

I was picked in the lottery for H1b for this year. Currently on F1 OPT. Assuming H1 gets approved by June 20, can I go for visa stamping before Oct 1 ? Is there anyone who did this?


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  • eBay eday
    Did you file under premium processing?
    Apr 22 1
  • Cadence / Eng Delucca
    The first H1b always starts for the 1st oct of the year it was approved.

    I mean you can certainly go and get the stamp but the visa start date will be Oct 1st, which means you cant enter back in US before that.
    Apr 22 3
    • Commvault alpha_wolf
      My OPT / STEM OPT will be valid until Oct 1. Is it not recommend to travel before ?
      Apr 22
    • Amazon @&86/)/?3
      Consult the attorney. Generally, it is not recommended to travel, but it’s not a rule.
      Apr 22
    • Cadence / Eng Delucca
      You cant have 2 US visa at the same time

      If you travel and get stamped then the F1 visa is canceled and you cant enter on OPT.
      With your H1b coming into play only from oct 1 - you wont have any other way to enter.
      Apr 23
  • Credit Karma green_sky
    If it is change of status, don't travel.
    Apr 22 0
  • Credit Karma green_sky
    You can travel and come back on OPT. You will need to get stamped before 1st October though. Talk to you company lawyer.
    Apr 22 0