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Visa / IT Sam90
Jun 5 9 Comments

I hope a master's degree And 4 yrs exp in Visa . My current base is 120k in Austin . I just got selected in Microsoft azure hiring event in Redmond. What package could I expect from Microsoft? I did a quick check of how 120 from Texas translates to Seattle and most forums said it translated to 160-170. I am still in the final rounds of interview with Amazon and indeed .
Should I ask for l63 or 62 ?
And i am thinking of asking for the below :
165k base
120k stocks
60k joining bonus .
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated


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  • Microsoft dIKg26
    Your expected comp is not going to be met at MS, unless you have a decent competing offer from Amazon. L62 with 4 yoe will also be difficult. L61 should be fine. You will have to negotiate for L62. No chance for L63.
    Jun 5 0
  • Microsoft giffy
    Max 130k base, 30k stocks, 20k joining bonus.
    Jun 5 3
    • Google UkHq61
      Stocks can be more. New grads L59 get 60K stocks easy.
      Jun 5
    • Amazon / Eng edcrfvtg
      I know someone who was offered 30K for L61. Microsoft is known for low-balling if you don't have competing offer.
      Jun 5
    • Google UkHq61
      They seem to lowball industry hires the most. Most new grads w/o competing get 50-60K
      Jun 5
  • Bank of America pOlF30
    OP: how much is the Salary increase per year at VISA?
    Jun 7 0
  • Vanguard ubercool9
    Sent you a dm
    Jun 5 0
  • Nvidia / Eng Mr.XoXo
    L62- 225k

    Most probably even if they slot you as L62 they'll offer lower band
    Jun 5 0
  • Amazon / Eng edcrfvtg
    With that YOE, you will most likely be offered L61. The max I heard for L61 is 230K TC with 135K base.
    Jun 5 0