Visa transfer approved today (after RFE)

Microsoft $€£¥
Jul 9 12 Comments

Posting an update to hopefully keep up the morale of folks who have an RFE. Today my H1 visa transfer was approved.

I received a specialty occupation RFE. Lawyers took almost 2 months to reply. Today received electronic notification via myuscis that the visa was approved.

Hang in there guys.

Undergrad EE ( India). MBA from Top US school. PM role L7.


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Amazon opWH45
    Jul 9 1
  • CVS Pharmacy Rofl 😂😂
    Congrats bruh! 🍻
    Jul 9 0
  • Is the new default rfe'ing everything and then approving?
    Jul 9 5
    • Microsoft $€£¥
      It appears so. This was the first time I ever received an RFE after multiple extensions etc previously.
      Jul 9
    • Welp I'll have to extend in Sept. Fingers crossed then.
      Jul 9
    • Microsoft $€£¥
      Do it as early as possible
      Jul 9
    • Google wkkjy
      It could also be that MBAs get more RFEs? Because it is not technically STEM, unless you did MBA finance and worked in a financial firm.
      Jul 9
    • Amazon WVAl42
      I was told by a lawyer that RFEs are being handed out so companies will have to spend more money on H1Bs and will generally start to not sponsor anymore. So, RFEs are all over the place and often times not warranted.
      Jul 10
  • Yahoo / Design getAway
    You do realise that the lawyers were playing you?
    Jul 9 1
    • Microsoft $€£¥
      How so? They did have to produce quite a lot of documentation. Either way I don't much mind it allowed me to get through end of fiscal at MSFT and I'll get my bonus payout.
      Jul 9
  • Mentor Graphics / Product

    Mentor Graphics Product

    Are you going to Google?
    Jul 10 0