VmWare Interview Feedback Response Time

Cognizant msquare
Feb 20 8 Comments

I appeared for an interview with their R&D team on Feb 13, Wednesday. The interview went well. The interviewer told me that this position has been open for a very long time and they want to close it.  I dropped thank you email to the HR on next day of interview but I didn't get her response. It has been exact 1 week and I haven't heard back from them yet. What is the right time to drop a followup email?


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  • VMware / Mktg

    VMware Mktg

    Give it 1 more week. Lot of REQs are being put on hold for internal employees first due to restructuring. Holds expire next week
    Feb 20 1
    • Cognizant msquare
      Thanks for info!
      Feb 21
  • VMware devaraju
    Ask her if she has an update because you're expecting another offer very soon, and you will seriously consider VMware if they want to move forward
    Feb 20 1
    • Cognizant msquare
      She hasn't contacted me yet. I don't even know what is the interview feedback. Though I'm positive since it went well. Should I be dropping email inquiring about the status?
      Feb 20
  • Oracle it’sonnow
    It’s reasonable to reach out after a week goes by. Chances are they are chasing someone else.
    Feb 20 0
  • Cognizant msquare
    Yeah, they didn't pick me.
    Mar 5 1
    • Cisco QrJJ88
      Ah! Good luck mate. I too interviewed around the 21st Feb and haven’t heard back. I’m assuming I didn’t get in as well :(
      Mar 5
  • Cisco QrJJ88
    Did you eventually hear back?
    Mar 5 0


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