WLB and flexibility of working hours at Google for parents of young children?

Applied Material streethawk
Apr 30, 2018

Just wondering, what's the work life balance / flexibility of working hours like for parents of young children at Google?

If you need to drop your kid off at daycare and then drive to work, given the horrible commute in the Bay Area, you might not reach the office till 9:30-9:45 am. And then if you have to pick up the kid in the evening before 6:00 pm, you may have to leave the office by 5:00 pm. Of course, one parent can do the drop off while the other parent does the pick up. But essentially you have to either come into the office late in the morning or leave early in the evening.

Does Google allow this kind of flexibility in working hours for parents of young children in general? How much does it depend on the individual manager?


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  • Google UWaterloo
    Been maintaining 9:30-4 with occasional wfh. Depends on the team though.
    Apr 30, 20180
  • New / Engb4n4n4
    One of the first things my hiring manager talked about during my team matching interview was how he has family & thus has no interest in staying late and doesn't expect it from his team either. I don't even have kids, but it kinda sold the job to me.
    May 1, 20180
  • Google ERJw26
    Depends on the team but overall great place for WLB
    May 1, 20180

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