WLB at Splunk

Adobe / Eng Pieceful
Jul 3 6 Comments

Can anyone comment on work and life balance at Splunk?


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  • Splunk no.tracy
    Pretty good. Obviously different times of the year things can get a little crazier depending on your dept/projects, but overall I’m not working insane hours. My manager encourages good WLB.
    Jul 3 3
    • Adobe / Eng Pieceful
      Is wfh allowed?
      Jul 3
    • Splunk djaydbrjd
      It (wlb and wfh) REALLY depends on the team and the manager.
      Jul 3
    • Splunk TitoTonic
      It is based on your manager.
      Jul 3
  • Splunk pickle123
    Wfh is not encouraged, but can be tolerated as long as you don't abuse it.
    Jul 3 0
  • Splunk Skatefree
    Agreed - they want people in the office but plenty of people WFH whenever needed. Mostly it’s a trust thing - if you do your job it’s no issue. I’ve honestly never had better WLB, and I’m not an outlier on that.
    Aug 17 0


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