Waiting for team matching after HC approval : Google Zurich : L4 SWE

Amazon vHWa36
Mar 1 14 Comments

I've passed Hiring committee three weeks before, but still no team has shown interest in my application. I have two questions:
1. How long Google offer remains valid without team matching after HC approval ?
2. Can someone from blind internally refer to his/her team (if you are aware of any internal opening) in Google Zurich ?


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  • Amazon g111
    Yes, OP here. FB E5, 100k GBP + 280K USD stocks + 25K GBP sign on, yoe 7
    Apr 18 2
    • Apple woodkid
      Thatโ€™s a solid comp for London! Congratulations :)
      Apr 19
    • Amazon g111
      Yes, it's a good comp in London. FB did not negotiate further even after disclosing Google Zurich option. However taxes are too high in UK.
      Apr 19
  • I got hired as SRE-SWE. I got my offer letter but I was told team match happens a month before I join.

    Is there a chance of not getting a team match after getting the offer letter?

    Location - Zurich
    Mar 1 3
    • MathWorks cJ8oNw
      This seems really weird, never heard of Google giving an offer letter without a team match ๐Ÿค”
      Mar 1
    • True. Is the process different for SWE-SRE?
      Mar 1
    • Microsoft forfunfor
      Yeah. SRE process is different. Ask your recruiter about detail.
      Mar 2
  • Amazon g111
    Google is too slow. I have accepted FB London offer now.
    Apr 18 1
    • Apple woodkid
      Are you OP?
      Whatโ€™s the FB London role/offer/yoe ?
      Apr 18
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Amazon vHWa36
      I applied from India. My recruiter told me the he is hiring for Zurich.
      Mar 1
  • Alibaba vjqX22
    Same here. It seems they donโ€™t have many open positions there.
    Apr 15 0
  • New HJkW70
    Hey, I'm in a similar position. Did you find a team in the end?
    Apr 7 0
  • MathWorks cJ8oNw
    Isn't Zurich the hardest office to get into, especially if you don't have a European passport?
    Mar 1 0
  • Grab tAGA81
    I applied from Singapore. Why would it be any different?
    Mar 1 0