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Just an another engineer. Hoping to find a few friends here :)
Nov 13 11 Comments

I had the onsite interview at Walmart Labs, Sunnyvale. I felt the interview went well. I have sent 2 remainder mails so far, but no response that has come from the recruiter yet.

How long Walmart Labs may take to respond? Is it usual or am I ghosted?

Thanks in advance!


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  • TrueCar / Eng 8jalan
    dump em and move on
    Nov 13 0
  • GitHub HarM
    Never go full Walmart.
    Nov 13 0
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  • Apple weka
    Wtf! Why would you even go there ? Ir is tier 4 company. Worst place to be in. Btw I was there for an year ....
    Nov 13 0
  • Apple ugHv74
    Not a good place to work
    Nov 13 0
  • Walmart XQLb37
    You’ll be frustrated here. Get used to the toxicity.
    Nov 15 0
  • Dell / Eng

    Dell Eng

    Similar experience after 3 rounds of interviews. Totally unprofessional.
    Nov 13 0
  • Bloomberg smallbrian
    My phone interview interviewer didn't seem to be happy at all. I cancelled my onsite interview with them too
    Why would you leave Apple for Walmart?
    Nov 13 0
  • Freaks at Walmart are not only at the supermarket
    Nov 13 0
  • Microsoft KAHa17
    Why do recruiters do this, so frustrating
    Nov 13 0
  • MathWorks woohoo11
    Give them a day or two, dude.
    Nov 13 0


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