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Esurance BAN08
Jan 13 18 Comments

@walmart labs
I’ve got offer as sofware engineer. Trying to understand benefits

Does company give additional stocks (RSU’s) every year based on performance?

Can I buy stocks at discounted price? What will be the discount?

How’s work life at Walmart labs?


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  • ToKL28
    Drop this offer and find another job.
    Jan 13 4
    • rand.randm
      Or come and help fix it !
      Jan 13
    • ToKL28
      Fix includes firing almost everyone at manager level and above.
      Jan 13
    • rand.randm
      He he not all managers are that bad :-). I hope you find your purpose in the labs soon!
      Jan 13
    • ToKL28
      A Fish Rots From the Head Down.
      Jan 13
  • Uber skylat
    TC or gtfo
    Jan 13 0
  • rand.randm
    Stocks + Bonus every year based on performance and level . ESPP is not good . Work life is cool . Details should be in your offer letter. 401K match is 6% after 1 year
    Jan 13 8
    • rand.randm
      I never cared to know about ESPP , it is a joke. Best case scenario you make couple of hundred a year. Work pressure depends on team . Mostly chill but things heat up as we approach holidays, for obvious reasons..
      Jan 13
    • kpsv
      1. Bonus is purely based on perf. Most of the folks get whats promised.
      2. RSUs don't depend upon perf. iC4 - 40k IC5 - 60k & IC6 - 90k. This is per year with 4 yr vesting period, 25%/year.
      3. ESPP is a joke. you get $170/year from walmart, (yes $170/year not 170k, not $1700) for the first 2000 of your contribution. That's it. You can buy as much stock as want beyond 2000, but why buy it in ESPP account and pay hefty fees ?. Buy it in your brokerage account.
      4. WorkLife balance - The best. you can roam naked in the offc before 9:30 AM and after 6:30 PM. most folks WFH a day or more a week. I can vouch for 80% of the teams.
      5. 401k at 6% match after 1 year is the best in the valley, very few companies can match it.
      6. Medical is pretty good, now a days.
      Jan 26
    • Esurance BAN08
      Can you please share about work from home policy?
      Jan 27
    • Esurance BAN08
      Is there any benefits like phone , Gym , .. other benefits
      Jan 27
    • SAP buddy11
      Hows the new bell curve policy coming along, do they let go of the bottom 10% every cycle, or only the bonus gets affected for bottom 10%.
      Jan 31
  • rand.randm
    Good luck !
    Jan 13 1
    • Esurance BAN08
      What is work from home policy @walmart?
      Jan 23
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    JD1234 HR

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    Espp is no good. Work life balance is great
    Jan 17 0


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