Walmart eCommerce MIP and RSU Policy

Jet in194
Aug 30 10 Comments

Hi - I am currently working at Walmart eCommece ( - to be specific) and have been exploring some outside opportunities. However, a significant portion of my compensation is tied to yearly bonus and RSUs. From historical payout trends, my understanding is that the bonus payouts happen in March. So, I have been wondering if I need to be at the company until the bonus payout actually happen or I can quit a little sooner and still be eligible for the bonus. Afterall, our bonus is based on the fiscal year which ends in January for Walmart. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks all.


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  • Walmart paratha
    Cash bonus eligible date Jan 31, Stock bonus eligible date mid March sometime. If you leave before March, you will lose the rsu’s for the year
    Aug 30 5
    • GE wtfm
      How it works for new joining ? Say if I join on Jan 15 will I be eligible for both bonus and RSU on the same year. HR is pushing me join before mid November to be eligible for RSU and not told anything about bonus.
      Aug 30
    • Walmart / Mgmt

      Walmart Mgmt

      The Walt Disney Company, Macy's
      You'll be eligible for the bonus whenever you join. It'll just be prorated if you join later.
      Aug 30
    • Walmart paratha
      Thats incorrect. There is a cutoff date for the bonus. HR is correct
      Aug 30
    • Jet GgcE62
      I think the bonus cutoff is 10/31. You need to join to get the stock grant as well which you won’t see any vesting on until March 2021
      Aug 30
    • GE wtfm
      So if I join before 31st Jan, I will eligible for yearly bonus and new hire RSU but will not be eligible for yearly RSU grant. Is that correct?
      Aug 30
  • Qualcomm NqAf57
    For RSUs, you'll almost certainly need to be employed on the vest date in order to receive your next stock vest. As for the cash bonus, there might be several weeks leeway between being eligible and the payout date.

    Edit: paratha gave a much better answer ^
    Aug 30 1
    • Walmart 👸 queen
      Paratha can never go wrong in life haha
      Aug 30
  • Walmart / Eng Wycx15
    Parathe has a lot of ghee in him
    Aug 30 0
  • Walmart JazzyWally
    If you leave before the RSU or bonus payout you probably won’t get anything.
    Sep 5 0


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