Walmart pay

eBay xoer86
Mar 2 5 Comments

I have offer from Walmart and Evernote but the pay looks similar. just wondering Do really Walmart pay so less but they say their salary is competitive Also please anyone knows about their ASPP plan please explain how it works ?


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  • New jlijlfd
    What were the offers?
    Mar 2 1
    • eBay xoer86
      Base -145k
      Bonus -Upto 20%
      RSU -40k for 4 years

      Base -148
      Bonus -15%
      Rsu - 150k value
      Mar 2
  • Fannie Mae tibco
    Every company says their salary is competitive lol
    Mar 2 0
  • Shape Security / Eng yCiH57
    What levels ?
    Apr 18 0
  • New j6d
    TC or GTFO
    Mar 2 0