Walmart too slow!!!

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May 23 17 Comments

Hey I got my offer from Walmart in August end 2018. It’s been almost an year now but those guys haven’t started my background check or anything yet. Also in offer letter it was mentioned that my joining date will be agreed upon by me and my manager.
But seems like she doesn’t give a shit. No contact what so ever.

How should I take this. Also I applied for my EAD on March 20th. Can I ask July 1st as safe side date?

The issue is I have to sign a house lease on 1st June and nothing seems to be going forward 😒


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  • Nvidia chocodaddy
    There's plenty of cashier positions at the other Walmarts chill out
    May 23 0
  • Target tmDe33
    We know.
    May 23 0
  • Google 🍑☁️
    Wow yeah that's wild. Start applying for more jobs
    May 23 0
  • KzCY22
    Hi. I am really curious about your case. I am a Walmart recruiter, and I would like to investigate. Please DM me and let's see what's up.
    May 23 0
  • Apple kGUv48
    Uh...... is a very successful website. They typically wouldn’t be any slower than an other company. In other words, they should be very responsive.

    Have you tried calling them? Have you tried calling their office? Contacting other people at their office?
    May 23 2
    • VMware vLol

      Are sitting around complaining that it's taken forever? Reach out!
      May 23
    • Nvidia bit-coin
      Stop by and ask a cashier to make a call for you
      May 29
  • Why did you tag Cisco?
    May 23 1
  • dWSw03
    If you have incurred damages, there is a legal premise called "Promissory Estoppel"
    May 23 0
  • Cognizant msquare
    Anyone knows roughly how much time Walmart's background check takes? For me in their FCRA form they just asked my highest education details. They didn't ask for my previous companies where I've worked. Won't they background check my previous work experience? Is bcg limited to education only?
    May 29 1
    • Cognizant msquare
      If it helps anyone, mine came within 24 hrs
      Jun 19
  • serjorah
    The background check results are valid only for a month or less and hence they do it closer to the joining date. If you have not agreed on a joining date, then you need to speak to the recruiter or HM. Also joining dates aren’t very strict. Even in off case you don’t get your ead by July1, they won’t mind postponing your joining by a week or 2 or until you get your card. Do not worry
    Too much into it.
    May 24 1
    • Amazon besoz
      Bgc results are valid for 3 months
      May 24
  • bibimmer
    Ohhhh my god
    Jun 19 0
  • QTFP86
    Somehow hard to believe it took this far, do you really meant since Aug. 2018 or it was a typo? I am not doubting you. One thing I can tell you, wmt has worst useless HR and recruiter related departments. I know a guy who’s Sams club to Walmartlabs internal transfer took 10 months. Sorry to hear your experience, be proactive to follow up or try other options too.
    May 25 0
  • Amazon besoz
    You will be paid to break your lease dont worry
    Contact your HM or recruiter and ask them for an update
    1st july sounds good
    May 23 0