Wannabe Engineer trapped in Private Equity?

New XtlT67
Sep 20 5 Comments

Please help with advice switching from PE to tech. I currently work at a private equity firm that focuses on software. I’ve always loved technology and business and have drifted in a risk-averse way from starting my career at an investment bank in NYC, going to a top business school (think Harvard, Stanford, Wharton), now to a well-performing small-cap PE firm. I mostly manage investor relations and firm operations - with a path to move to investing. I’m compensated well, but not lavishly like you might expect with PE.

I’m now in my late 20s and realizing more-and-more I want to, and have a (relatively) natural aptitude, for more technical work. On the development and engineering side. Not the investing side. I’m currently enjoying learning all about how good software companies tick from a business side, but am feeling restless and nervous about pigeon-holing myself professionally and settling.

I feel like I (hopefully) have a unique skill set blended of strong financial planning and analysis, business strategy, exec communication skills, project management... and solid CS literacy. But at the end of the day, I’m aspiring for CS fluency and I want to move into a role where I’m building products, teams, etc.

I’ve always been technically comfortable, but for whatever reason got swept up into a business-slanted career path. I know basic coding (take CS50 courses online) and recently PM’ed a small scale Python project with a freelance developer I found.

I don’t know what to do to hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and rebuild my career at a tech company (not an investment firm) that allows me to leverage my MBA and skills I’ve developed in my career to date while also being compensated at a similar level... do I get a MS in CompSci? Do I try freelancing? I’m not sure where to start.

Or am I an idiot for not just accepting my decently comped PE job?

Salary: $145k
Bonus: $50k
YOE: 4 (in PE)


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  • Why is your TC so low? I thought PE was rolling in cash - probably 100k once you factor in hours for a comparable tech job. Just curious not being an asshole
    Sep 20 2
    • New XtlT67
      Higher headcount model allegedly. Also I think an attempt to avoid an ostentatious culture? I’m not completely convinced or sure tbh.
      Sep 20
    • Interesting
      Sep 20
  • Insightly wcpe
    It's because OP is in IR and fund ops. The crazy salaries you hear about are on the investment side of the house.
    Sep 28 0
  • eBay loilo
    Why don’t you try for a PM role where you are part of building a product but not coding?
    Sep 20 0


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