Want to make a move, would love some help.

Nov 6 3 Comments

Been slowly climbing and now a little stuck. After getting beaten out by other candidates with much more experience and such multiple times I might add, I've hit a wall. I'm a marketing manager with 2 years management, 7 years marketing some in an agency and most I healthcare. It has come to me that without help reference/referrals I'm not moving anywhere quick. I guess I'm asking for advice on getting into bigger companies in the Southern California area. If anything this was worth a shot.


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  • Prosper Spandey
    I try to reach out people on LinkedIn with an InMail or a referral requests. It works i would say 50% of the time if not always. All best to you! :)
    Nov 6 1
    • LogMeIn ftdrgfrf
      Totally this. I'm based in the UK and work in analytics. I hit the job market after a gap of 5 years and the first two weeks I just applied to a lot of jobs and tried to write decent cover letters. Not much success. Then started repackaging my LinkedIn and my resume, hunted down talent acquisition people in companies I wanted to work in, started sending out intro emails and really worked the referrals via ex colleagues and acquaintances. I've got 5 second stage interviews lined up over the next couple of weeks.

      So don't lose heart. I feel like the job search process has changed a bit.

      And for your level, I wonder if (like me) the focus should now be on presenting how you can solve business problems rather than what specific tactical or operational skills you have. The people management side of things should hold you in good stead.

      Good luck!! I'm confident you'll be fine. I spent a lot of time working in SoCal (Santa Barbara), you'll find something I'm positive!!
      Nov 8
  • Tableau jMNr19
    Keep trying. It's a lot about luck so don't be discouraged.
    Nov 7 0


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