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Jul 10 7 Comments

Want to move out of TAC/ tech support on call. I am decent in python scripting and have a CCIE. How do I move to network engineer / QA role in companies like Arista/ juniper/ Broadcom or any other company. Suggestions? Referrals would be helpful


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  • Facebook Fkfjd
    CCIE carries little weight in strong or non-traditional networking shops, especially without experience of running a real network. Experience in TAC in valuable but might not be enough.
    Why would you pick network engineering?
    Jul 11 2
    • Juniper jocker
      CCIE/JNCIE only helps to get your CV read by a human. I don't think most of FB/Google Network engineers hired have real world experience of running a production network. I know quite a number of guys from Cisco/Juniper folks landed at FB etc (without having production network background). yes, having it helps definitely.. All it takes is a killing interview, indepth protocols, programming aspects.
      Jul 11
    • Juniper jocker
      BTW, curious to know why not network engineering at FB? Any insiders negatives?? 🤗
      Jul 11
  • Juniper jocker
    DM me for Juniper
    Jul 30 0
  • Cisco VKFU58
    If you can present and explain things well look at Sales Engineer / Solutions Architect in sales jobs internally. Lots of open positions and pay way more than you make now in TAC.
    Jul 12 0
  • Amazon gggshs
    Aws support or solution architect?
    Jul 11 0
  • Cisco techgeek22
    There are lot of positions available for you. Start applying. It would be pretty easy for you to get a decent job since you are a CCIE and knows programming.
    Jul 10 0


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