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I currently manage HR for a manufacturing plant with a population of mainly Hispanics and baby boomers/Gen X.

I’ve run into the following impediments:
- no or lack of experience with technology
- no knowledge of the English language
- wasting a lot of paper
- my time is being consumed by answering questions due to employees not being able to “read an email”

I’m currently using our HRIS system and google forms to help streamline and make this more useful but I’m still not excelling here. I want to make this the best place to work but I’m struggling.

What are your companies doing with stuff like this? Any recommendations?


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  • Amazon Nsgdbp
    Consider teaching ESL courses and hiring based on language skills. Have multi lingual direct managers and HR support folks. Have process and policy info translated and display important info prominently in both languages through TV screens, table toppers etc
    Feb 6 1
    • New rWQX25
      Thank you! We are currently doing this now. The challenges are automation
      Feb 7
  • Microsoft Mr.Robot.
    Ask for anonymous suggestions from blind.
    Feb 5 0
  • Apple BangOver
    Get Cisco and have everyone WFH
    Feb 5 0