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Amazon axcel
Sep 16 4 Comments

Interviewed with Waymo for Software Engineer position. Just finished my onsite and waiting for the recruiter to get back. I'm seeing mixed reviews on offers from Waymo, but I'm most interested in knowing about Waymo Options.

1. Has Waymo ever had a liquidity event? Is there a possibility that I will get a chance to sell my equity in the next couple of years?
2. What happens to my vested equity if I leave the company after two years or if I interview and move to Google? Do I get to keep the vested equity? If yes, until when and how can I sell them after leaving the company?
3. To transfer to Google/YouTube, does it require a full loop interview with HC approval? Or is it more informal with potential interview rounds?

Current TC - 220K @ L5


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  • Amazon axcel
    They tend to be very shush about it. While my intention isn't to leave in two years, I'm a bit skeptical about the product growth in the next few years. If they have chances of a liquidity event in the near future them I'm not losing any money by taking the job. Otherwise I'm basically taking a pay cut.
    Sep 17 2
    • Waymo PdAX50
      That isn't unique to Waymo, though. When you work for a company that isn't publically traded you're taking a risk and betting on the success of that company. There is always risk and upside in doing this.
      Sep 17
    • Aptiv Younever
      But I read in different places showing that the base salary of Waymo is kind of low, is it Internatioanl?
      Oct 3
  • Waymo PdAX50
    Ask your recruiter these questions.
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