WeWork NYC?

Fjord Fjord222
May 16 3 Comments

Considering a design strategy role at WeWork NYC. I’ve hear some terrible things about the culture there- what’s it really like?


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  • New / Eng blindor
    You heard it correctly.
    May 16 0
  • WeWork NewPlumbus
    In the tech org, the culture is good. The rest of the org, less so.

    Honestly, it’s a decent place to work overall. Not the best by any means, but it’s definitely above average and the pay is pretty competitive.
    May 16 0
  • Slalom Consulting / IT

    Slalom Consulting IT

    InVision, Shutterstock, WeWork, AppNexus
    In tech, never ending work and endless meetings, but they love it. Haven't heard from my friend for over a month as she's been in her words "busiest I've ever been"
    May 16 0