WeWork employee contract scandal

Robinhood dkakebdu
Mar 10 24 Comments


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  • Capital One Ma801
    I know this lady and I don’t think she’d lie about something like this.
    Mar 10 0
  • We work. Honestly that whole company looks super sketchy to me. They have that culture going on where no employees can eat meat.
    Mar 10 2
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      Lol they owe billions. Not willing to pay rents.
      Mar 11
    • LinkedIn 黃帝
      The CEO owns some of the buildings we work pays rent to! Lolololol

      Super smaaaaaht
      Mar 11
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Glu Mobile PQSK63
      Why not, if you signed it, and you weren't under stress or pressure to sign it, why wouldn't a judge honer it?
      Mar 11
    • Intel UGeJ58
      Yeah right, a judge will likely side with the written contract. The law is about agreements and wording, not what "makes sense"
      Mar 11
    • Cisco SLmG30
      Signing a contract doesn't automatically make it legally binding. You can sign a contract selling your first born child, but it would never be able to be enforced.
      Mar 19
  • Microsoft 🐙M🐙
    Signing these things is always pretty sketchy for me but what choice do we have? My saving grace is that unlike her I don’t usually do any side projects or businesses. We need legislation to get rid of this sort of anti-employee bs. California’s laws are a good start but not quite there
    Mar 10 4
    • You always have the choice.
      If a company is really sticky about it, better not sign the contract.
      Mar 10
    • Facebook HowToChaos
      The choice is saying "nope".
      Mar 11
    • Amazon newton12
      It’s not really a choice if most companies have such contracts. We gotta work for a living you know.
      Mar 11
    • Facebook HowToChaos
      It really is a choice though. I know, I work for a living.
      Mar 11
  • Google Pelligrino
    Mar 10 0
  • WeWork sad
    The wording is indeed in the contract for those who are reading this in the future. In CA you’re protected, but not in WA.

    There’s no point in getting defensive—WeWork did indeed fuck up here. The lesson to learn is that “We” need to do better next time.

    All I’m doing here right now is hoping Uber 2.0 doesn’t happen.
    Mar 23 4
    • WeWork Fleabag
      It’s not the wording in my contract. I wonder if it was changed at some point?
      Mar 23
    • WeWork sad
      Maybe, if you came earlier you might not have it.
      Mar 23
    • WeWork Fleabag
      I started within the last 6 or so months
      Mar 23
    • WeWork Fleabag
      I mean, there’s wording for non-compete but it’s pretty specific and the same as any other tech company.
      Mar 23
  • Nothing scandalous about an employer wanting to protect their IP and only hiring people who will agree not to compete with them.

    Employers can decline to hire anyone long as they’re not discriminating based on protected class.
    Mar 31 0
  • Pandora printshop
    Another red flag for this company.
    Mar 11 0
  • Google Mmkaay
    Trash hiring practices
    Mar 10 0
  • WeWork Fleabag
    Notice she never posted the actual wording?
    Mar 21 0
  • New EMVH32
    Restrictive hiring are usually agreements between employee and employer where the employee only works for one company.

    It’s a normal and necessary thing to do in a world where companies can go under because of moonlighting employees sharing information or helping out future competitors.
    Mar 12 0
  • New apUv72
    What is this agreement?
    Mar 10 0