Week dedicated to physical health

Memorial Sloan aVLs40
Mar 28 12 Comments

What would you do if you had one week to do nothing but work towards your physical health? I have a week between jobs to bum around but instead of binge Netflix I wanna stop feeling like shit all the time.


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  • Google zmn54ty
    You could do a couple of hikes but mostly you should spend the week designing systems in your life that permit you to improve/maintain physical health once you go back to work. Example: buy an instant pot/slow cooker and figure out how to increase consumption of non processed foods. Buy a work out mat and do some push-ups/situps in the morning before work. Spend up to two hours looking online for some kind of health app to track physical activity and/or food. Pick one and use it for the week. Then keep using it when you go back to work.
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  • Lenovo / Sales yodajoda
    Get something like classpass and try a bunch of classes for a week to see if youd want to continue taking one?
    Mar 28 0
  • Spotify EjNG46
    I don’t think that’s something that can be fixed in a week. To not feel like shit your life should be dedicated to your physical health. But given a week, you could do a hike or something.
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  • Microsoft FBisEvil
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  • T-Mobile puducherry
    Figure out a diet plan..LC for your tummy...
    LC hard food in the morn
    LC medium food in the aft
    LC easy food before zzzz.....
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  • Spotify EjNG46
    Unfortunately a week is nothing. Being healthy is all about lifestyle. Educate yourself about basic nutrition. Spend some time finding and developing a healthy eating style that you can maintain forever. If you can do that - you’re 80% on your path to success. The remaining 20% is activity. Gym membership with a good coach is ideal, but if that’s too much, at least get a Fitbit and try to get 15k a day. It helps me a lot with tracking my steps, sleep hours etc. Good luck.
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  • Amazon NoColusion
    I'd get Lasik eye surgery.
    Mar 28 0
  • Morgan Stanley / Eng

    Morgan Stanley Eng

    ADP, Dow Jones
    I'd sleep as much as I can
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  • Oscar 🐨koala
    Sleeping is good for physical health. More spinal fluid.
    Mar 28 0
  • Oracle uNTN08
    Stay hungry. Stay foolish. But this time, literally. Intermittent fasting does help. Gets lots of sleep. And the stay foolish part....take a break from all you digital consumption too.
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  • BlackRock hccxxt
    I signed up for yoga classes , go for hikes , train in the gym , do meditation via an app.
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  • Acxiom RickErwin
    Travel, hike, etc both mental and physical health
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