Well known tech company in SoCal or not so well known company in SF?

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Hello world. I am a Software Developer with 2-3 years exp. I have a couple of offers - one from a well known tech company in SoCal (Long Beach area) which isn't paying that well (just a little over my current salary, but also living expenses aren't as high as bay area), and the other from a little known insurance company in SF (which is giving me a very good raise over my present salary). I don't plan to stay in either company for more than a year or so, but need to make this change now because of a time-sensitive situation. Which of the two would be a better option to go in for? Would having an unknown company name on my resume/profile hurt my future chances? Hoping the more experienced folks here could nudge me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.

Java Developer, Full stack, MS from a good school in Southern Cal.


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  • Apple fullCircle
    Stay the fuck out of cesspool SF. Enjoy SoCal when you can πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    Also make a poll ffs
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  • Hortonworks


    SoCal sounds better
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  • OP
    Unfortunately, it's not Snap. TTC is around 135k for the role in Long Beach area and around 170k for the role in SF. I guess my main concern is, will joining a lesser known company than my current company have a negative effect on how future employers look at my profile?
    Sep 12 0
  • Life360 huffff
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  • Facebook Fftnbfhj
    SoCal bitcches are excellent, I mean beaches*
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  • Hulu WOK506
    As you mentioned SF has a higher COL so you have to figure out if the $$$ is actually more or comes out to be the same
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