Wells Fargo Agile transformation

Apr 5 8 Comments

How is the agile transformation program going? Looking to apply in related position.


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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Electronic Arts
    I've heard that the CEO has mandated that all Wells Fargo teams increase Agile transformations by 300%. My local banker was complaining how tough it is on him to meet these quotas. He asked if I could sign up for a recurring agile transformation with my refi application.
    Apr 5 1
    • Wells Fargo techgeeksf
      Yeah Amazon guy. Ask Amazon to ship it to you with every delivery and you can drink it up day in and day out
      Apr 7
  • Wells Fargo hsLy13
    True. Complete disaster. They are calling it as agile but asking to complete all SDLC documents. I think wells will become complete agile in 50 years.
    Apr 7 2
    • Wells Fargo djUQ40
      Q4 2046 is the current target.
      Apr 8
    • Incorta ragu1012
      Thank you for sharing. Are there even pockets of success or all areas same?
      Apr 13
  • Wells Fargo / Eng ostrich1
    Agile @ WF is a disaster. The old fashioned company requires process and requirement documents even after doing the agile process. Doing both agile and waterfall is stressful
    Apr 7 1
    • Incorta ragu1012
      Thank you for sharing. Doing both is fragile :-) is there opportunity to provide this feedback up the food chain or nothing happens still?
      Apr 13
  • Wells Fargo / IT

    Wells Fargo IT

    Technology architect specializing in data, applications, business and security.
    Really well, actually. That shit works!
    Jun 6 0